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“Easy-To-Prepare Luxurious Drinking Chocolate – Sip!”: An Interview with Go Solo

Sip! Co-Founder and Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate Creator, En-Ming Hsu, talks candidly to small business entrepreneur digital magazine, Go Solo, about her entrepreneurial journey with Sip!. Learn about the challenges of being an owner of a newly launched small business and read World Champion Pastry Chef En-Ming’s advice to other startup entrepreneurs based on her own experience launching Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the interview:

In April 2020, I lost all of my scheduled business due to the Covid pandemic. By January 2021, it was clear that my business would never be the same. It was an opportunity to take on a new challenge and start a business. My sister, Yih-Ming, and I both studied in Spain during college and recalled the luxurious drinking chocolate there. We became business partners and spent the next six months planning our Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate business. We launched Sip LLC in October 2021. Our company mission is to support non-profit organizations that feed hungry children. Our goal to wipe out childhood hunger drives our desire to build our brand to one nationally recognized as the premium drinking chocolate in America

Go Solo: “Easy-To-Prepare Luxurious Drinking Chocolate – Sip!”

Read Go Solo’s full interview with Chef En-Ming here.

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